CBD Relief CBD Cool Stick Pain Relief With 300MG CBD


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Our CBD Relief CBD Cool Stick Pain Relief With 300MG CBD is a great way to get some relief from aches and pains.  It is a highly concentrated CBD Cool Stick that goes on easy and doesn't leave a mess.  Just apply right on the area of pain.  It starts to work within minutes.

Our Cool Stick is a great solution for situations where you need quick relief from back pain, join pain, muscle pain and strains.  Our proprietary blend has been formulated to be the most effective all natural anti-inflammatory pain stick available.  Applying it is smooth and mess free and won't stain clothing.

  • Powerful, Effective Support – A fast-acting pain-relieving cream made with hemp oil, arnica, clove, menthol, rosemary, and wintergreen lavender, it penetrates sore areas fast.
  • Versatile Anti-Inflammatory – The essential oils in our hemp pain cream work as a muscle relaxer on a variety of body areas, such as the feet, neck, back, shoulders, hands, or legs.
  • Relaxing Scent, Soothing Relief – Providing a cooling, reinvigorating feeling great for men and women alike, this powerful painkiller and pain reliever helps reduce recovery time and pain.
  • Handcrafted in Canada – This pure, all-natural pain relief supplement and muscle rub is made in Canada under strict guidelines to ensure unmatched quality and customer support.
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