CBD Intensive Care Cream Regular Strength 150mg CBD 50ml Relief


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Our CBD Intensive Cream May Offer:

  • Relieve Joint & Muscle Pain – This topical natural pain relief cream can help soothe sore, aching joints, muscles, or arthritis pain to give you back mobility and strength.
  • Powerful, Effective Support – A fast-acting pain-relieving cream made with hemp oil, and pure hemp CBD.  It works to penetrate sore areas fast.
  • Versatile Anti-Inflammatory – The essential oils in our hemp pain cream work as a muscle relaxer on a variety of body areas, such as the feet, neck, back, shoulders, hands, or legs.
  • Relaxing Scent, Soothing Relief – Providing a cooling, reinvigorating feeling great for men and women alike, this powerful painkiller and pain reliever helps reduce recovery time and pain.
  • Handcrafted in Canada – This pure, all-natural pain relief supplement and muscle rub is made in Canada under strict guidelines to ensure unmatched quality and customer support.
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