CBD Vape E Juice 300MG Fresh Mint Vape Oil


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Our newest CDB Vape Juice is now available.  A convenient vape juice that is tasty and easy to vape.  Our all natural CBD E-Juice contains absolutely no nicotine and is great for anyone who is looking to quit smoking by replacing it with our nicotine-free CBD E-Juice.   Our CBD Vape oil comes in a convenient 30ml bottle.  Each bottle contains approximately 300mg of CBD and is a delicious Fresh Mint flavour.

Recommended For:

  • Someone who is looking to quit smoking by using CBD.   Because our vape juices have no nicotine, and CBD has been said to help with smoking cessation
  • Someone who enjoys flavoured e-juices that are clean and enjoys the soothing taste of Fresh Mint.

How to Use Our E-Juice:

  • Pour liquid into vaporizer, inhale and enjoy.

Ingredients and Taste:

  • Ingredients: 99% Crystal isolate, Organic Veg Glycerin, P.E.G. 400 and Natural Flavors.
  • Vape juice is transparent in colour.
  • Very smooth in taste.
  • Fresh Mint flavour.
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