Cannabis Enhancement Products.  Our specially formulated blend of hemp oil and proprietary terpene blend that will help to enhance the effects of your CBD and THC experience.  CANNAHANCE enhancement products are the legal non-presciption alternative.

CANNAHANCE product’s unique therapeutic effects can contribute meaningfully to the “Entourage Effects” of cannabis-based medicinal extracts. Scientists have proven that all THC is exactly the same in absence of the rest of the cannabis plant’s components. It does not matter which strain of plant the THC is extracted from if you have a 90-99% pure THC extract. There are no “Sativa THC” or “Indica THC”, it is simply a pure chemical compound without anything else to effect the body/mind, besides the THC/CBD themselves.

Using CANNAHANCE products can enhance and “guide” your experiences with both THC and CBD. You may feel less pain, more or less “high”, depending on which products you choose for your personal preferences.

Interactions between CANNAHANCE products could produce THC or CBD enhanced synergies with respect to treatment of pain, inflammation, depression, anxiety, addiction, epilepsy, cancer, fungal and bacterial infections.