Secure payment

Our secure payment

All of the information that is sent between you and our server is encrypted for your protection, this is accomplished using Secure Sockets Layer(SSL) and this is why when you look at our website address, you will notice the green https:// in your browser address. bar.  We use the latest 256 bit SSL encryption for the utmost security.

You can enter your credit card number on a secure (https) form and transmit the form over the Internet to a secure server without risk of an intermediary obtaining your credit card information. The security features offered by your web browser technology protects commercial transactions, as well as all other communications, from misappropriation and fraud that could otherwise occur as information passes through Internet computers.

With SSL implemented on both the client and server, your Internet communications are transmitted in encrypted form.  The information you send can be trusted to arrive privately and unaltered to the server you specify (and no other).

SSL uses authentication and encryption technology.  For example, your browsers export implementation of SSL uses a High-grade, 256-bit key size. The encryption established between you and a server remains valid over multiple connections, yet the effort expended to defeat the encryption of one message cannot be leveraged to defeat the next message.

Your browser and secure servers deliver server authentication using signed digital certificates issued by trusted third parties known as certificate authorities. A digital certificate verifies the connection between a server’s public key and the server’s identification.  Just as a driver’s license verifies the connection between your photograph and your personal identification. Cryptographic checks, using digital signatures, ensure that information within a certificate can be trusted.